Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's been almost 10 years since my 1st trip to the Big Apple. I really wanna go again in December to experience what Bing Crosby popularized; A White Christmas (but in the big city of course). I wanna feel, see, smell, and taste the hustle and bustle of New York during the holiday season. Hopefully it will come to fruition this year, if not, fuck I AM for sure going next year. No hesitation, i'll go by myself if need be. HAHAH.

Acclaimed director; videographer; and friend, Garvin Ha, just emmersed himself with the culture and "New York-isms" for the first time. If this video doesn't make you wanna go take a bite of the Big Apple yourself, then you're wack.

Newyork-isms from Garvin Ha on Vimeo.

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