Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Day of Summer 2008

Sunday, MindzAlike and the MindzAlike extended family  bid adieu to summer with another BBQ.  Same ol flag football, burgers, dogs, n shit.  This time around I didn't play because my pinky is still all fucked up from last month's BBQ.  Luckily it's not broken, just some torn ligaments.  

The youngins were the team captains and picked their teams.  SpeshulED got picked second to last, haha.  But little did they know he was a good pick up.
They decided to play Shirts vs. Skins.  Typical boys. 
Photo credit goes to Cha for some of these pics.

Judy making sure her she evened out her Jesus slipper tan.
Chef Klev manned the grill all day.  Sweet Baby Rays on everything.

Ryan getting juked by his own little brother.

Julz, stop staring at his moobs.

Sexy Julz.
Sexy Ed.
KJ's 80's Mongoose.
I don't think Judy was in appropriate BMX riding gear.

Brandeezy getting his Bocce Ball on.

Our biggest turn-out so far.  Good times.  Joe called this BBQ the "Bike Show-off". 
Mark Marcelo.
New School x Old School.

Now here's something you don't see everyday.  Rock climbing practice on a backstop.  Good way to test out your gear, but I don't think the elements can be comparable to actual rocks.

Celebration for the Critters

On Saturday Christine and I, and a bunch of my co-workers hit up the 28th annual Celebration for the Critters at my place of employment, the World-Famous San Diego Zoo.  This event benefits the San Diego Zoo's worldwide conservation efforts on behalf of endangered species.  Critters is San Diego's largest food and beverage tasting event.  More than 80 restaurants served delicious samples from some of the best chefs in town, and there was over 100 vendors of wines, beers, and liquor.  My fav, Stone Brewery, was serving my favorite beer, the Stone Smoked Porter.  This was mine and Christine's second time going to this event.  The first time we arrived late, and did not know that the food runs out quick, so we missed out on a lot of things.  So this year we meticulously planned our attacked to eat a lot, and get shit faced.

Waiting to get in, we got there an hour before so that we could be at the front of the line.

The crazy people of Corvette Diner.
Corvette Diner's mini pineapple cheeseburgers w/ teriyaki sauce....delicious.

The Tractor room was serving some sort of cornbread concoction,  I didn't really like it.
MMmmmmm, massive amounts of margaritas from Casa De Pico.

Christine and I posted up at the Absolut booth for a hot minute to quadruple fist the cocktails they were serving that contained Absolut pear.
Pinche Laura y Pinche Patty
San Diego Zoo ambassador, Joan Embery.  I've met this lady a bunch of times working at the zoo, she's pretty cool.
Big ass grill.

Jake's Restaurant had a nice display.

Rice at the W had some good soup thingy.  It kinda looked like it was made from taro or ube or something.
I guess they don't just make hawaiian shirts anymore.
There was endless amounts of wine, I haven't even heard of a lot of the wineries that were present.  Here is a winery called Fat Bastard.  Their Cab was pretty good.
They were pouring shots of the Tommy Bahamma Rum through this ice sculpture to chill it.  It didn't chill it at all.

Some of my merch peeps, Esme y Marisol.
The main party at the ZPA (Zoo Party Area)....Crackin

Juanita and me leanin like cholos.
How ZSSD Merch Management "should" look. haha
Rob getting down with his inflatable hammer.
Grandma rockin out with her cock out.


The other paparazzi for the the night, Christine.
"In the navy"
Ray sportin his pink pimp hat.

The Wayne Foster Band was dope.  They had a good mix of old-school, and new-school.  Even did some mainstream.  Very entertaining.  I'd want them for my wedding.
Christine and her "friend", Jeannie.

Good times!  For those of you that I tried to invite to this event, hopefully you'll come next year.  Well worth the money.