Monday, August 25, 2008

A Present for Myself

This past weekend was quite uneventful for me.  Friday we hit up the Bare Back Grill for dinner and drinks.  I recommend the Kiwilango burger, just be careful with the raw jalapenos in there.  Shit was HOT!  Saturday after work, I just chilled at home, watched the olympics, and looked for parts for my bike.  Sunday I went part shopping, ate some Sushi at Sushi Deli, and continued my search for bike parts.  I've decided to give myself a present for my birthday, which is finishing my damn bmx!  I've been collecting parts for the past 3 or 4 months now (maybe longer), and i've been anxiously trying to finish this project, but alas, a lack of funds has put this bike on hold.  So for my birthday i'm treating myself and finishing this bad boy up.  Big ups to Henry over at East County BMX for hooking up the Shadow Conspiracy cranks for me.  I don't think I would have been able to install that shit myself.    

I have a few more parts layin' around my room that aren't pictured, but couldn't slap em on because I'm missing some other key parts.  The rest of the parts should be on it's way and I'm hoping to have this bike finished by the weeks end.  Actually, I should have received all of the remaining parts by now, but for some reason my card had a security block on it and the orders I placed did not go through.  To my surprise, when I contacted my credit card company they informed me that they had placed a security block because of some charges they suspected were fraudulent.  Turns out some fuck has charged over $500 on my card!!!  Good thing the credit card company picked up the weird charge behavior.  Now I gotta wait for a new card, and wait for the fraud investigators to get me my money back.  Fuck!  Good thing I had a back-up card to get the rest of my parts. haha.  

Just FYI:  Protect your personal information to prevent this from happening to you....and one more thing, building a custom bike from the ground up costs a hell of a lot more than just buying a complete one!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Use the term "BBQ" instead of "Picnic"

Last week Christine's brother was telling us how the term "picnic" came about.  I guess the word "picnic" was coined back in the days when slavery was legal, so it has a racial history.  You can look it up to get the whole story, because I'd rather not repeat it.  Anyways, Sunday MindzAlike and Chipset threw another summer BBQ.  It was a fun day filled with food, bocce ball, flag football, basketball, and bike riding.

Mr. Jhet Lag, should've been at the AFC running the marathon, but those dumbasses had to mess up his registration.  Oh well, at least he was able to party with us on Saturday, and eat junk on Sunday.
errolstine reading one of the the top 10 most thought provoking books.
julz trying to mount my bike.
manager jay.
R-dubs english bulldog.  He's very photogenic, he even smiled for the camera.

I played the first half of flag football.  But I decided to sit the second half out to take some pics, and for another reason that i'll mention later.

The other reason why I sat out for the second half was because of J.P.  This guy was a monster and was just beating my ass as I tried to block him from getting our quarterback.  He's been playing football for years, plus he was hella strong.  Here's what happened to Julz after his encounter with J.P.

Julz's touchdown run.  
Good job, way to represent for MA.  I didn't get a pic of the unsportsmanlike conduct as he ran into the endzone because I was too busy laughing.
mmm, brats with honey chipotle sweet baby rays.

Willie wishes it was my cock in that bun.
Judy spent her day doing "crosswords".  It's WORDSEARCH Klev!!
Princess Isabella
Craig's secret to his success, they're not toe socks, they're "performance socks".  They must be good because Craig tears it up on the field, plus Michael Vick is on the package they come in. 

Peepin out Mark Marcelo's bike collection.
Here's the beast, J.P.  Thanks for beating my ass on sunday.  For the life of me, I could not contain this guy.  I tried, Lord knows I tried.  And I have the torn shoulder, sprained pinky, and sore back and legs to prove it.

Happy Birthday Big Mike

Before heading out to Prospect in La Jolla for Big Mike's birthday parlay, I first had dinner at Yokoz (formerly known as Yokozuna's) with Christine.  Although I kinda work for Yokoz owner, Ed, DJ'ing debuts, weddings, and what have you for his sound company, I have to be honest and say that Yokoz has kinda gone downhill.  I used to love going there.  The food was good, even though it is quite pricey and the service sucked.  But now, the service still sucks, the food isn't that great, and they're hella scrimpin on the portions.

After a disappointing dinner, Christine dropped me off downtown so I can meet up with Klev, Judy, Ben, and Judith at the Bareback Bar.  It's a new aussie themed restaurant/bar that serves a lot of organic food choices.  I liked the openness of the place. 

I didn't get to try their food because I arrived after they had finished their dinner.  I do plan on going back to give the organic-ness a taste, but I did get to partake in dessert.  This is an "E Legal".  Pretty much similar to a pizookie at BJ's.

After Bareback, Klev, Judy, Judes, and myself headed over to Prospect.  Klev got harassed as usual for wearing baggy clothes and had to tuck in his t-shirt.  Get new clothes already skinny guy!  In his defense, it didn't look bad, the owner of Prospect was being a stupid fuckin dick.  He seems like the type that was a loser rich white boy growing up, and now he's trying to act cool and abuse the little power that he has.  Anyways, since we got there early, we decided to walk around La Jolla to find a cheaper place to drink.  We ended up at the "Living Room".  A little coffee shop/pastry shop/smoothie bar/bar/hookah place.  They have a broad spectrum of services. 

Here's my Black Label on the rocks, and Klev's red bull vodka.  It was a little cheaper than Prospect, but nonetheless expensive.  I guess cheap drinks in La Jolla is non-existent.

Julz getting down on the 1's and 2's.
Some of the MindzAlike peeps came out.  I've never seen Jhet that drunk, and it was fun to see him dancing with all the zebras.  Vince had a good time dancing too.  Mark went up after Julz and just ripped it playin all kinds of sexy music.
My dancing partner for the night.  Thanks for the good time Judes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jhet's Birthday BBQ

After having lunch with Christine's cousin from Hawaii, I headed over to Coronado beach for Jhet's 23rd birthday BBQ.  It was extremely packed with people trying to beat the heat, but luckily I came up on a really good parking space.  It was hot as balls and I got a freakin sunglass tan.  But it was fun hanging with the MindzAlike fam.
When I got there, most of the guys were in the water skim boarding.

Julz, stop staring at Jhet's ass

Julz' favorite beach towel...he has this same exact picture from last year.
Alcohol is banned on San Diego's beaches, so the party was very chill, but a long day in the sun can make people do some nutty things, like play the slap game....Julz lost.
RDub decided to take a few candids with my camera.  His picture taking skills aren't too shabby.

Beware of our new boobie trap.
Like I said, being in the hot sun all day makes people do some nutty things.  Here is everyone digging a hole.  The hole digging first started with Jason who was quietly digging a hole by himself as a boobie trap.  Then before you knew it, everyone was digging a hole of their own, and then everyone started digging one big hole.

Eventually they convinced Julz to get into their big hole so they can bury him.

The dirt on Julz face makes it look like he has a 5 o'clock shadow.

Here's a couple modeling pictures for Julz' portfolio.  

After digging holes and setting boobie traps, we were then entertained by RDub and little guy doing gainers in the sand.  Then they started working as a team to do back flips.  I got a couple good shots of it.  I'm surprised little guy's ankles didn't hurt.

Here he is flipping over Julz
I don't know why Julz was the subject in the majority of my photos.