Friday, July 30, 2010

4 x 2

Old pic I came across on my phone. Mindz Alike's 1/2 Octagon



Played this song last week at The Office. To my surprise, it was VERY well accepted and killed! I may play it again this week. Come by, bring your studded belt.

Hellz Bellz Sample Sale (San Diego)

Where will you be this Saturday morning? I know it’s not going to be at your local mall, SD! Feeding you with some Summer-time-musts, Hellz will be swinging by bright and early at San Diego’s very own 5 & A Dime. Catch up on some Spring items from Hellz that you sadly had missed out on in the past . Great deals, and stylish duds are just a few of many things to look forward to this weekend! Save your money, gals…Hellz is coming to you!


Via: What the Hellz

Thursday, July 29, 2010


So yesterday's #HannieHumpDay we decided not to have a home cooked tasty meal by Chef Hannah since she had to leave early for dance rehearsal. Instead, we asked Brand-EZ to scoop up some Pat & Oscars since his mom is a District Manager for the restaurant. We didn't think his moms was gonna come thru, so Hannah decided to just pick some up herself. She picks up a hefty meal from Oscars, and a couple hours later, Brand-EZ shows up with twice as much food from the same place.


So, we ended up with: 2 large pizzas, 1 medium pizza, 4 tubs of pasta, 2 bags of potato wedges, 3 trays of chicken wings, 1 HUGE greek salad, 1 medium greek salad, and (no joke) about 100 breadsticks!!!!

All that food for a total of 10 people.

Needless to say, we got HELLA leftovers. Come by, help me eat it.

Viva la Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape

For the first time in history, the majority of the world’s population lives in urban communities. The urban setting and its corresponding lifestyle are major sources of inspiration in contemporary culture. This is an historic revolution in visual culture, in which the codes and icons of the everyday—found on the streets in graffiti, signage, waste, tattoos, advertising, and graphic design—have been appropriated and used as an integral part of contemporary art-making. The urban landscape inspires and serves as both a platform for innovation and a vehicle for expression for many artists. The city itself, its buildings, vehicles, people, and advertisements, are not only the surface where the art is applied. The city fuels the practice.


A multifaceted exhibition that explores the dialogue between artists and the urban landscape, Viva la Revolución: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape features works both in the Museum’s galleries as well as at public sites throughout downtown San Diego.


The exhibition includes a diverse range of 20 artists from 10 countries that are linked together by how their work addresses urban issues -- Akay (Sweden), Banksy (U.K.), Blu (Italy), Mark Bradford (U.S.), William Cordova (U.S.), Date Farmers (U.S.), Stephan Doitschinoff [CALMA] (Brazil), Dr. Lakra (Mexico), Dzine (Puerto Rico), David Ellis (U.S.), FAILE (Canada), Shepard Fairey (U.S.), Invader (France), JR (France), Barry McGee (U.S.), Ryan McGinness (U.S.), Moris (Mexico), Os Gemeos (Brazil), Swoon (U.S.), and Vhils (Portugal).


Let's go check this exhibit out! We can start at MCASD and ride our bikes around to most of the pieces in the DTSD area. Who's down?


Stussy x Clarks

Working on Clarks’s staple design, Stussy have re-worked the Wallabee Boot as part of their ongoing XXX collection of collaborations. Featuring leather and ballistic nylon, the shoe has a unique and technical two-tone upper mix, which is finished with a crepe sole. Subtle co-branding is present on the heel, adding to the minimal aesthetic to the boot which is available now from select stockists.


Always been a fan of both brands. I need these in my life.

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(500) Days of Weezy

"This is not a mashup album, this is an album about Wayne."



DJ Jazzy Jeff x Mick Boogie: Summertime the Mixtape

DJ Jazzy Jeff + Mick Boogie: "Summertime: The Mixtape”

49 songs... expertly mixed, cut and transitioned by two of America's most popular DJ’s. The songs cover any and everything ‘summer’ related.  From songs about summer to songs that just feel like the sunshine season, this multi-genre mix will be sure to make your already great summer even better!

@UNDRCRWN + @MTVTN + @Mickbogie + @Dj JazzyJeff215


  • 1. Summertime Intro

  • 2. Kool & The Gang: Summer Madness (Live Version)

  • 3. Kool & The Gang: Summer Madness

  • 4. Quincy Jones: Summer In The City

  • 5. Ahmad: Back In The Day

  • 6. Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day

  • 7. Roy Ayers f/ Mary J Blige: Everybody Loves The Sunshine

  • 8. Pharcyde: Passin’ Me By (Ffej Remix)

  • 9. Jay-Z f/ Babyface: Sunshine

  • 10. Ramsey Lewis: Sun Goddess

  • 11. A Tribe Called Quest: Find A Way (Ffej String Edit)

  • 12: Bush Babies f/ Mos Def: The Love Song

  • 13. Jodeci: Get On Up

  • 14. The Commodores: High On Sunshine

  • 15. J Dilla f/ Dwele : Think Twice

  • 16. Erick Sermon f/ Marvin Gaye: Music (Mick’s Marvapella Edit)

  • 17. Bernard Wright: Who Do You Love

  • 18. LL Cool J: Loungin’

  • 19. A Tribe Called Quest: Hot Sex

  • 20. Main Source: Live At The BBQ

  • 21. Nuyorican Soul: Nautilus

  • 22. Pharcyde & Sublime: Summertime

  • 23. Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff: Summertime Remix

  • 24. Michael Jackson: I Can’t Help It

  • 25. De La Soul: Breakdawn

  • 26. Musiq: Just Friends

  • 27. Carl Thomas: Summer Rain

  • 28. Faze-O: Riding High

  • 29. Dionne Warwick: Walk On By

  • 30. Skee-Lo: I Wish

  • 31. Black Moon: Who Got The Props

  • 32. Frankie Beverly and Maze: Before I Let Go

  • 33. Nu Shooz: I Can’t Wait

  • 34. Montell Jordan: This Is How We Do It

  • 35: The Roots f/ George Benson: Breezin’

  • 36: Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff: Time To Chill

  • 37. Biggie: Can’t You See

  • 38. James Brown: The Payback

  • 39. En Vogue: My Lovin’

  • 40. Bobby McFerrin: Sunshine Of My Life

  • 41. Fifth Dimension: Let The Sun Shine In

  • 42. Mos Def: Sunshine

  • 43. Nine: Whatcha Want

  • 44. Otis Redding: Sittin’ On The Dock

  • 45. 2Pac: I Get Around (Mick’s String Edit)

  • 46. Zapp: Computer Love (Terry’s Mirage On The Water Mix)

  • 47. Seals And Croft: Summer Breeze

  • 48. Jay-Z: Dear Summer

  • 49. Weldon Irvine: Morning Sunrise


As if my life wasn't busy enough.....

This Saturday: The Dynamic Duo, Julz & myself aka Batman & Robin (respectively), will be DJ'ing like the superhero's they are by doing two events in ONE NIGHT!

"How is this possible"? you ask.......

Will it be via satellite? Stunt doubles? Teleportation? Maybe we'll do the Saved by the Bell "time-out" and freeze time?

You'll have to come and find out for yourself.

2 DJ's, 2 Events, 2 Venues, 2 Different vibes....1 Night
(sounds like an epic gay porn, minus the fecal matter)



Mark Munoz After-Party @ Lemonade SD


We're bringing Los Angeles' popular outdoor Summer event, Lemonade, to San Diego this Sunday, August 1st to the exclusive Sé Hotel rooftop pool. Plus, we've got Mark Munoz (UFC) coming through for his official UFC Live After-Party. Come mingle with SD's finest, enjoy the good vibes, dance to all your favorite hits, and have a few drinks with us!


DJ Drewbryd (Dom Kennedy) - LA
DJ Mahjestik (Z90) - NJ
DJ Julz (Mindz Alike) - SD

[Sé Hotel's Rooftop Pool]:
San Diego’s premier 5 star hotel, Se Hotel offers a stylish rooftop pool bar & lounge. An oasis in the heart of the city, Siren features a phenomenal Function One sound system, inviting day beds framing an infinity edge pool with a wide selection of cocktails and light cuisine in a unique outdoor setting with intimate private cabanas for bottle service.

[Drink & Bottle Specials]:
$6 Domestic Beers
$6 Milagro Tequila
$6 Vodka Drinks

$30 Champagne Bottles

For cabanas, table and bottle reservations please call: 619.515.3093

[General Info]:
21+ | Dress Code: Casual | No Flip-Flops | No Shorts

Presented by: Victory Nightlife, HVYRSNL, Pinoy Fight Club, Alex Retodo, Rob Zoomy, & TK Nguyen


Kiss My Bellz by DJ Von Kiss


Kiss My Bellz by Von Kiss

Track List:

1. Tell Em (Von Kiss Edit) – Sleigh Bells
2. Heads Will Roll (Dan Oh Rmx) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. White Knight Two (Laidback Luke Rmx) – Surkin
4. In For The Kill – La Roux
5. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. Cities in Dust – Siouxsie and the Banshees
7. Empathy – Crystal Castles
8. XXXO – M.I.A.
9. After Every Party I Die – IAMX
10. Make Me Dance feat. Reese (Techjio Rmx) - B. Rich
11. Molly’s Party – Tittsworth Feat. Ninjasonik
12. Clap Your Hands (Diplo Rmx) – Sia
13. Babylon – Congorock
14. Bangduck – Afrojack
15. Metric – Sound of Stereo
15. Bob-Omb (Phatzoo Rmx) – Darwin & Backwall
16. I Think I Like It – Fake Blood
17. Bangkok – Boris Dlugosch
18. TJ Shuffle (Oh Yeah) – Von Kiss
19. I’m In The House (Grandtheft Rmx) – Steve Aoki
20. Hornbo (Paz Rmx) – Mat Cant, Scattermish
21. Shut the Lights Off ft. Redman – Adam F & Horx

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Session 3

Third session total, 1st session of my weekly aggressive tattoo'ing adventure. It's coming along famously =)



Progress: a lil' tattoo work on Roshishin. My dudes are more tatted than I am!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Get Er Done!

So Mark decided to tattoo me "aggressively". Sounds painful, but were actually just trying to get my back piece done, like now! LOL. So you can catch me every Monday night at Body Marks Tattoos for the next 3-4 weeks. Keep checkin' back for updates on its progress.

Here's what my dudes look like right now.

Dirty Flirty Hurt Me Thirty

This past weekend we celebrated the Dirty 30 of Mindz Alike's self-proclaimed manager, mr Jay-G. My man is always known for stuntin' and looking mad fly for his birthday parties. This year, he went formal!
Who rocks a Barong Tagalog to the club?!? Jay-G does!

I have no clue who these breezies are, but they asked me to take their picture. What makes it weirder is that I was taking pictures with my iPhone. Weird.


Come thru, we're here every Saturday partying!

I Lab Filifino Farties

It's the FOOD!

This particular party had a pretty broad spread. Mexican, Filipino, Italian, Chinese, just to name a few.

Spaghetti x Honey Walnut Scrimp....Don't judge me.

Eat My Meat

Had dinner at the Riviera Supper Club in La Mesa for Jay's birthday. If you've ever been to the Turf Club in Golden Hills, or the Strip Club in Downtown, it's pretty much the same thing... you grill your own meat. That's me in the bottom left corner, bone-in ribeye. mmmm, my meat is tasty (pause)


Birthday Boy aka Jay G.

Finally got to meet Vince & Hannah's latest creation, Mitchell!

Oh dear God Julz, please don't drop him!

Looks like a lil' ol' man! This guy is livin the life, sleep > eat > poop > repeat.

After dinner, Julz and myself had to go DJ at Confidential for the Saw 7 (there's 7 of those damn movies?!?!) party hosted by Lionsgate. The cast and crew were there earlier in the night, and were SUPPOSED to return to party, buuttt, well if you came out then you know how the night went.

So after my set we took a lil trip to peep out the new gaslamp spot, Analog. It's a pretty dope spot, and their sign doesn't lie, they pour STRONG DRINKS! They have a large selection of tall cans, which includes OE, PBR, and....ST. IDES!!!! I haven't had one of those since high school.

This is what I drank. Some sort of Mai Tai what-cha-ma-call-it. It was pretty damn potent!

Playin' with Yourself

You know this is what you toy collectors really do with those things.


Keep a Breast

Brain Wreck x Nike x Keep a Breast event at Blends SD, followed by the after party at El Dorado.

Made a quick pit stop at Neighborhood for happy hour. 2-for-1 local beers. Can't beat that! Got down with a couple Alesmith Speedway Stouts. Nomz

I didn't grab any grub at Neighborhood because I was informed there was a food truck outside of Blends. Being that I love mobile food, I decided to check it out. The truck was a farm fresh, organic themed truck. Edwin recommended the Grass Fed Burger, and let me tell you, it was the best burger i've had, maybe ever! Peep them out, Miho GastroTruck. Try the burger, you won't be disappointed.




After the in-store event, there was an after party at El Dorado featuring DJ's Jay Dread, Profile, Huge Euge, Mark Marcelo, and Iron Mike. I didn't take any pictures at the event, check out the Blends Blog for coverage.

Of course every outing is followed by a 4th meal. We hit up Saigon Hillcrest for some yummy Pho and Curry.

Hannie trying to recreate her Pho masterpiece, but it's proving to be a lil difficult without squeeze bottles.

Supreme Mark


The always entertaining Jepp


Meet my new buddy Noah. He's pretty awesome


Farewell Twitter Tuesday

This past Tuesday marked the end of Twitter Tuesday's at Rawmana Sushi Lounge inside of Seau's Restaurant. It was a good run with a lot of memorable moments. Thanks to Julz and Ricochet for spinnin' the tunes, and to Kirin for making delicious rolled eats. You can still order a Victory Roll, if you haven't tried it...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?

Julz also had his birthday dinner on this night. Of course, in true Julz fashion, he got completely s#!t faced, ended up throwing chairs, and upsetting his older brother who in turn scared all of his friends. Good times.

Special Message to Rygar from Hannah Kwak on Vimeo.

World Famous Friends

I miss my old co-workers from the "World Famous" San Diego Zoo. We used to routinely frequent Lei Lounge on Tuesdays for happy hour, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text to meet up at Lei Lounge just like old times.

My libation of choice, Chinese Cosmo.

Something crusted/glazed salmon with some fancy named mushy rice.

Hmm, the front camera on the iPhone 4 doesn't take that great of a picture =\

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Too Shabu

Hit up the Shabu Shabu House on Convoy for some good eats. It's like 3 meals in itself. Very delicious, and comes highly recommended from yours truly =)

First your start off with a plate full of raw stuff (meat, veggies, tofu, etc.)

Toss errthang into a pot of boiling broth.
Cook the meat quickly (about 5 seconds for the beef)

Consume cooked meat and veggies with sauces and rice provided.

Finish off remaining broth, veggies, and meat as a bowl of soup with udon. (best part)

AND wah-lah! you have just Shabu-Shabu'ed.

Our server taught us a new drinking game called "Titanic". Basic principle, who ever sinks the shot of sake in a cup of beer must down the glass. Of course Julz and myself had to try it. Peep out Hannie's Blog for our demonstration video.