Monday, October 27, 2008


Puppy Poker

Sunday night, after going to Ryan's pad for his birthday and watching Dexter at home, Julz called me to head over to the 5&A Dime office for some poker.  We played till about midnight, I was hella tired but it was well worth it because I came up about $30.  Woo Hoo!  Next time we play we're gonna use puppies to play our hands.  Don't bite, Jay copyrighted his Puppy Poker idea.

The Perfect Couple

Saturday I attended yet another wedding.  I think this is wedding number 5 this year.  It was for Ramon and Marilee.  I've known this couple for a lil' while.  I always knew that they would eventually marry, the question was WHEN?  They've been dating for 10 years!  That's crazy.  But if you know the couple, then you'll know that they were definitely meant for each other.  They truly are the "perfect couple".  We weren't able to make the ceremony because I had work and Christine had class, but we did attend the reception held at the Doubletree Mission Valley.

We arrived a lil' late for the cocktail hour, but we made sure we took advantage of it.

Krys, can I have my girlfriend back?  I swear she was more your date than mine.
Thanks Ramon and Mari for seating us at the LT table.
The Ladies of Table 21
The groomsmen had a very good entrance, and from what the bride told me, they came up with the idea right before their entrance.

The perfect couple....Congrats you two.
Salad made fancy.

Creative Directors

Does this shot look candid?  

Ramon getting gang banged by a group of purple girls.
Guess who caught the bouquet....hahaha, start plannin' Willie.

Who's Christine dancing with?
Shit, I can do that too.
Party boy Joel
Fred's always pimpin it.
Please take note, hire us, not him.
Why was everybody getting naked?

Drop it like it's hot....lots of photo credit from this night goes to Krys.  She's a portrait expert.  See all her pics here.  

After party photo shoot.

Check out all 350 shots (thanks Krys, that took forever to upload) on my Flickr Photostream

Take My Picture!!!

Friday DJ Dwin, Julz, and myself DJ'ed at Deco's for FUNdamental.  I brought my camera to finally try out my SB-600 speedlight.  It was an interesting experience....Anyways, this was my bro's first time in a long ass time spinnin', he did pretty good.  Thanks for everyone that came out to support.  You can peep all the pics I took on my Flickr.

I had to get there early to set up my mixer, but I didn't go on till 10:30.  Since nobody was there yet I was super bored and decided to snap a few pictures.

Chris did the opening set.  Not sure what his DJ name is, but he did well for his first time spinnin' at a club.

Julz, Gian, and myself all got the flannel memo.  We were very patriotic about it too, I had red, Julz white, and Gian blue.

DJ Dwin

Peep Allyn's necklace, "Team Barack".  Dope....who's team are you on?

Charles pimpin' it.
I like having go-go's.  
Advertising the halloween party...don't miss out, it's gonna be dope!  Get your pre-sale tickets.

I think Jhett saw that girl again from my birthday party, or was it Kitchie Nadal?

MC x Yogi x edROC x Roscoe Umali
Ok, you know how I said having my camera at the club was an interesting experience?  That's because towards the end of the night as people were exiting I was standing there holding my camera, and weird drunk people kept coming up to me so I can take their picture.  And when they found out I didn't have a card to direct them where to view their picture they got all pissed off.  I almost got beat up by a wannabe Snoop Dogg looking mother fucker because he really wanted a picture for his "antie" (auntie for those that speak english).  People are weird, especially clubbers.  Don't be so concerned about your picture, you're ugly anyways.