Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Charger/Raider Game in 3D

Story courtesy of CBSSports.com

(CNET) If you thought that watching football in high definition seemed more realistic, just wait until you can view a game in 3D. Next week the National Football League is broadcasting live in 3-D a game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders to theaters in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. The event, to be held December 4, is a demonstration to show how the technology can be used to provide a more realistic experience in a theater or in the home.

The NFL has invited representatives from consumer electronics companies to view the event in an effort to drum up support. In addition to showing the game on a big 3-D screen, the demonstration will include television displays to show what could be possible in people's homes, The Wall Street Journal reported. Some consumer electronics makers have already begun making 3-D television sets, mostly to accommodate DVDs that are available in 3-D. But the industry is still working on standards for 3-D. Just as live sports entertainment has pushed the adoption of high-definition TVs, it could also help drive standards efforts and adoption of 3-D TVs.

Burbank-based 3ality Digital will shoot the game with special 3D cameras and transmit the game via satellite service to the three theaters. Real D 3D is providing the displays in the theaters and is overseeing production and transmission of the 3-D broadcast.

This isn't the first time that the NFL has demonstrated 3-D technology. In 2004, it filmed the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers in 3-D. Sandy Climan, the CEO of 3ality, told The Wall Street Journal that when he shows the footage from the taped 3-D Super Bowl, "people crouch down to catch the ball. It's as if the ball is coming into your arms."

Even though other live events like operas and circuses have been broadcast live in 3-D to theaters around the country, the event on December 4 will be the first time that the NFL has broadcast a game live using the technology.

....Crazy shit. Too bad they're not broadcasting it in 3D anywhere San Diego. Come on, Boston of all places? That's the last place someone is going to watch the Chargers play. Come to think of it, who is really going to watch the 4-7 Chargers play the wack ass 3-8 Raiders? Not the most enticing game for a football fan unless you're a Charger or Raider fan.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tailgating > Game

The E3 Tailgate Whores were in full force this past Sunday.  We rented a new generator that only needed one pull to start (thank God), and we had plenty of good food, drinks, and good company.  Thanks to everyone that came out to party with us, even though the outcome of the game wasn't what we had hoped, yet it was probably what we all expected.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Chargers, but this year is obviously not our year.  More pictures available on my Photostream.

How do you know you're Filipino?  You bring Bistek (beef steak) and rice to a tailgate.  Good job Dale, shit was SOUR!  Just how I like it.
Cromartie?!?!  I'm sorry, but I fuckin' HATE Cromartie.  Our defense would have been better off keeping D-Flo.  Cro can't cover shit.  Big Mike, if I were you, I would burn that jersey.

What's the way to Fred's heart?  Rice.
Joe hookin' me up with the SoCo lime.  yummy.
Big Wee Wee Style
There's 3 home games left....wanna come party with us, you'll find us right underneath the E3 sign.


Klev grillin' as usual.

Ryan even came through and laid down a set on the 1's and 2's.

Neil x Sandy

Big Mike getting caught up changing.
My lovely date for the night.
Why wait in line for the porta-potty when you have a lil' wee wee that fits in a 2-Liter bottle.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday night Christine and I were trying to think of some place new to eat.  We ended up going to Min Sok Chon in Clairemont.  I've heard of this place from a bunch of different people, and I was in the mood for some Bulgogi.  This spot was real cool, lots of private enclosed booths, good music, and tasty Soju!  

Yogurt Soju

You gotta ring a bell for service.  At first we were hesitant to push it, but we noticed that nobody comes if you don't.
Don't let the tastiness of the Soju fool you, shit hits you later.

The Kimchi and Spam fried rice was friggin' bomb.  
We got a whole bunch of different little appetizer thingys that came with our dinner.  I'm not sure what they were, can any Korean peeps help me out?
MMMmmmm!  Bulgogi!
Pomegranate Soju.
Fried chicken wings.....SPICY!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cuz You Ain't Got School or Work the Next Day...

....well I have work the next day, but i'm going to be there anyways!

SoCal's most notorious promoters are uniting in San Diego for the largest Pre-Thanksgiving Day event at the World Famous House of Blues.
Be there as LA invades SD!

Hosted by: Toe-Knee Nguyen | Myron Martin | Moe Zarabi | Jodonn Diaz | Rob Zoomy

[MAIN STAGE] Victory Nightlife | 21XL | ZXR
DJ Bluballz (Wildboyz | Illiss SD)
DJ Rage (ZXR)
DJ Zeb (Stay Fresh)

Live performances by Culture Shock San Diego.

Featuring Lisa Kai (Babe Blvd) and Janey for your viewing pleasure!

DJ Julz (5&A Dime)
DJ edRoc (Mindz Alike)

Get your photo taken at the Victory Nightlife and 5&A Dime photo booth.

Preview the new 5&A Dime Holiday Line.
www. 5andadime. com

DJ SpeshulED (Mindz Alike)
DJ Mark Marcelo (Soulstice)
DJ Akrite (Mindz Alike)

Jodonn "JDiggz" Diaz - Victory Nightlife
Harold Cabalic
Erwin Domingo
Anabel Roguel
Eugene Gauran
Myron Wynn
Kristina Santos
Sheryl Karaan
Suzie Vera
Natalie Mangarin

Tany Ou - Victory Nightlife

Leo Portillo

21 & Over | Doors open at 9PM | Early Arrival is highly recommended
For guestlist considerations & VIP bottle service email: VictoryNightlife@gmail.com

www. VictoryNightlife. com
www. EventsCompany. com
www. RobZoomy. com
www. TKoftheWildboyz. com

Purchase your limited presale tickets now at:
) TicketMaster. com
) The HOB box office on 6th Ave
) 5&A Dime on G & 8th Ave (between 12PM-7PM)

Bring a can food and get in for half off before 10:30PM.

Wildboyz | Avnt Grde | Willy's Workshop | Alphanumeric | Mass Appeal | EOC | Babe Blvd | Your momma!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soulstice 2 @ U-31


MindzAlike, Victory Nightlife, and U-31 brings to you a post Thanksgiving feast of music, DJs, and (our favorite) cheap drinks and cover. Soulstice 2 is back by popular demand. This time, we're coming with a potluck of musical styles and genres by San Diego's best party DJs playing anything and everything from hip-hop, house, soul, reggae, 80s music, and rock. Early arrival is highly recommended.

DJ Mark Marcelo
DJ Mark Marcelo is known to rock parties that have crowds screaming louder than the sound system. Mark's ability to blend the energy of today's new music with the excitement of nostalgic party songs has gained the affection of crowds throughout the West Coast, having headlined throughout California and internationally. www.markmarcelo.com

DJ Mahjestik
DJ Mahjestik is the familiar on-air personality and mix show DJ of San Diego's number one hip-hop station Jammin' Z90. Mahjestik's versatility as a DJ goes beyond the airwaves. Having just returned from a multi-show tour in Asia, Mahjestik returns to make an unmistakable presence at Soulstice. www.myspace.com/mahjestik

DJ Earwaxxx
[Tao Las Vegas/Beatles Revolution Lounge]
A resident DJ of Las Vegas's most renowned nightclubs, Earwaxxx has earned his titles in the epicenter of club DJing through his impeccable attention to the crowd, flawless blends, and intricate trick mixing that is sure to be in awe at Soulstice 2. www.myspace.com/earwaxxx

DJ Errolstine
A founding member of San Diego's homegrown DJ crew MindzAlike, Errol is respected as the crew's go-to musical aficionado and the flawlessly funky scratcher. Soulstice is also proud to celebrate Errolstine's birthday this evening.

Host: Toe-Knee
[The Wildboyz]
Chances are that you probably already know Toe-Knee. TK has garnered the attention of San Diego's thriving social scene having been considered an influential taste-maker, ubiquitous crowd mover, and an overall class-clown. TK has hosted downtown's largest parties and California's largest dance competitions and humbly returns from his wild blogging adventures to U-31 for Soulstice 2. www.tkofthewildboyz.com

The Venue: U-31
It hasn't even been open for more than a year, and already U-31 has been awarded by 944 magazine as San Diego's favorite bar. "U-31 achieves what every great bar should always shrive for: It makes you feel comfortable enough to allow yourself to have a memorable night." www.myspace.com/u31sandiego

RSVP at Going.com here

Monday, November 17, 2008

Her First Time

Sunday we went to support Elaina as she ran in the Silver Strand Half Marathon and 5K.  This was Elaina's first time running this distance.  We missed her crossing the finish line because she ended up running it a lot quicker than we thought.  I believe it took her a little over 2 hours, which is extremely good for someone who just started training last week.

She was probably the only one who lit up a cigarette after completing the Half Marathon.
The marathon started in Coronado, went down Silver Strand, and ended in IB.
People hittin' the beach in the middle of November!?!?  Only in San Diego.  It was friggin' HOT! 

After Party

After Anya's birthday party Christine, Jenny, Bryner, and I decided to hit up Prospect for Joe and Neil's birthday party, also because we were in the area and Anya's party ended early. 
Bin x Iggy of TAA.
Bryner x Chris x Jenny
J-Time x Col2 x Felli
Uh-oh, is this a new couple???
Happy birthday Neil, keep Neil's female friend in mind.
Happy birthday Joe, hmm, doesn't this girl look familiar?
At the end of the night everyone wanted one more song and the crowd started chanting "one more song!"  But Julz could not do it because the guy that signs our checks said no.  This drunk girl came up insisting he play one more, and when Julz replied that he couldn't, she called him a "lil bitch".  Whoa, calm down there bitch before you get dick slapped.

More pix available on DJ edROC's Photostream.