Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michael Jordan's "NEW" Playground

So Friday night, I'm on my way downtown as usual to meet up with friends when I get a call from my brother at about 9pm. He tells me that his coworker is at True North in North Park right now and Michael Jordan is there! WTF?!? "Yea right" I said, "are you BS'ing me? because I don't wanna waste my time going over to North Park, especially since I had friends waiting for me downtown." Now mind you, Michael Jordan has been one of my idols ever since I was a little child. My bro said, "I dunno if he's telling me the truth, that's just what he said. But imma go there after work since it's by my pad anyways and check it out." So I told him to hit me up if it were true, and I'll race over there if it is. So at about 11:45pm I get a call from my bro saying that it is really MJ and that he's at True North right now playing pool! Now by 11:30pm, I have had quite a few drinks, so I was like SHIT, I needa get to North Park. So I ditch my friends at Onyx and make a B line right to True North. I get there at about 12:15am-ish, head over to the pool tables, but no MJ. He had just left. DAMNIT! When am I ever going to get the chance to meet him, and in my own backyard practically! The lesson learned: Be a little more trustworthy.

Luckily my girl Tin was there with a camera and she was able to show evidence that it really was Michael Freakin Jordan. They said they had the pool table area roped off, so you couldn't actually go up to him. BTW, this mofo is DARK as night! haha

Afterwards, we were all to drunk to drive home, so we went over to my bro's pad in North Park to watch Twilight, which I was not paying any attention to, and sober up.

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