Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Massive Update (Half Complete)

Yes I'm still alive. This past month has been a hectic one for me. So much going on that I have been neglecting my blog.

Work Full Time + School Full Time + DJ Part Time + Social Life - Sleep = NO F'in TIME

I had a little time this past couple of days to do a little bit of catching up. Here is HALF of my massive update, check back by tomorrow to catch the rest of the update where I will FINALLY be caught up with my blogging.

(2nd half update to include Exclusive @ Onyx, Soulstice 3 @ U-31, Mustache's are For Lover's @ the Office, Sunday FUNday pt.'s IV & V, Hangin' in LA w/ Hellz, and maybe some other shenanigans that aren't coming to mind right now)

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