Monday, August 25, 2008

A Present for Myself

This past weekend was quite uneventful for me.  Friday we hit up the Bare Back Grill for dinner and drinks.  I recommend the Kiwilango burger, just be careful with the raw jalapenos in there.  Shit was HOT!  Saturday after work, I just chilled at home, watched the olympics, and looked for parts for my bike.  Sunday I went part shopping, ate some Sushi at Sushi Deli, and continued my search for bike parts.  I've decided to give myself a present for my birthday, which is finishing my damn bmx!  I've been collecting parts for the past 3 or 4 months now (maybe longer), and i've been anxiously trying to finish this project, but alas, a lack of funds has put this bike on hold.  So for my birthday i'm treating myself and finishing this bad boy up.  Big ups to Henry over at East County BMX for hooking up the Shadow Conspiracy cranks for me.  I don't think I would have been able to install that shit myself.    

I have a few more parts layin' around my room that aren't pictured, but couldn't slap em on because I'm missing some other key parts.  The rest of the parts should be on it's way and I'm hoping to have this bike finished by the weeks end.  Actually, I should have received all of the remaining parts by now, but for some reason my card had a security block on it and the orders I placed did not go through.  To my surprise, when I contacted my credit card company they informed me that they had placed a security block because of some charges they suspected were fraudulent.  Turns out some fuck has charged over $500 on my card!!!  Good thing the credit card company picked up the weird charge behavior.  Now I gotta wait for a new card, and wait for the fraud investigators to get me my money back.  Fuck!  Good thing I had a back-up card to get the rest of my parts. haha.  

Just FYI:  Protect your personal information to prevent this from happening to you....and one more thing, building a custom bike from the ground up costs a hell of a lot more than just buying a complete one!

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