Monday, August 11, 2008

Jhet's Birthday BBQ

After having lunch with Christine's cousin from Hawaii, I headed over to Coronado beach for Jhet's 23rd birthday BBQ.  It was extremely packed with people trying to beat the heat, but luckily I came up on a really good parking space.  It was hot as balls and I got a freakin sunglass tan.  But it was fun hanging with the MindzAlike fam.
When I got there, most of the guys were in the water skim boarding.

Julz, stop staring at Jhet's ass

Julz' favorite beach towel...he has this same exact picture from last year.
Alcohol is banned on San Diego's beaches, so the party was very chill, but a long day in the sun can make people do some nutty things, like play the slap game....Julz lost.
RDub decided to take a few candids with my camera.  His picture taking skills aren't too shabby.

Beware of our new boobie trap.
Like I said, being in the hot sun all day makes people do some nutty things.  Here is everyone digging a hole.  The hole digging first started with Jason who was quietly digging a hole by himself as a boobie trap.  Then before you knew it, everyone was digging a hole of their own, and then everyone started digging one big hole.

Eventually they convinced Julz to get into their big hole so they can bury him.

The dirt on Julz face makes it look like he has a 5 o'clock shadow.

Here's a couple modeling pictures for Julz' portfolio.  

After digging holes and setting boobie traps, we were then entertained by RDub and little guy doing gainers in the sand.  Then they started working as a team to do back flips.  I got a couple good shots of it.  I'm surprised little guy's ankles didn't hurt.

Here he is flipping over Julz
I don't know why Julz was the subject in the majority of my photos.  

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