Saturday, August 2, 2008

CW San Diego 6 Launch Party

My bro, a CW San Diego 6 employee (formerly known as Fox 6), was asked by morning reporter Ruben Galvan if he could DJ his CW launch party on Friday.  So he and a couple of the guys from MindzAlike, including myself, headed out to the Wavehouse at the butt crack of dawn to get ourselves some tv exposure.

Here's Ruben giving all the party goers instructions right before we went on air.
The Downtown Dolls like guys with digital SLR's.  WOO-HOO!  Points for me
Big Willie Style wanting to play "Real Muthafuckin G's" on air.
Party attraction #98: a mariachi band.
Willie's emo pic.
After Ed woke up that morning and saw Willie making a desperate attempt at getting into every live shot, he decided to join us.

Our little make shift DJ booth.
Montgomery High School's Steel Drum Band.  I liked it when they played "All the Small Things" by Blink-182.  But this definitely did not compare to when I went to MOH and we had DAC (Drums Across California).  Yea I was a band geek, so what.  You know ya'll watched Drumline and thought it was dope.
Here are some shots of people riding the wave.  I wish I would have brought some board shorts because they were letting everyone ride for free that morning.

Why so serious Willie?  Is it because we had to be there at 5am? haha.
Afterwards we decided to hit up the Round Table Pizza lunch buffet in PB.  But it didn't open until 11am, so we killed some time wandering around Trader Joe's and looking in their alcohol aisle.
Here's more boredom waiting for Round Table to open
Still waiting.
While we were waiting for the buffet to get ready, we watched my bro Edwin organize all the email addresses of all the models from Downtown Dolls that he got that morning.  Fucker doesn't know how to share. haha.  I'm telling you, big cameras attract models.
After lunch we decided to head up the road to Armory and Access.
Peepin out the vinyl at Access.

Inside Armory there was this guy slanging pirated dvd's for a dollar.  Too bad he didn't have Dark Knight.
Which crew is better?  I'd have to say the one in the middle.
Me and Willie decided to pick up a dollar dvd.  Now I can pause the movie when Angelina gets out of the recovery tub.
Here's more pix from the CW launch party from my bro's cam.
This was the first live shot that me and Willie were in.  During this shot my phone started blowin up with texts saying "I see you on tv!!!"  I thought we picked a good spot on top of the wall, but we looked real small on tv, and the Friar's big head was blocking me.
So we moved up to a much better spot in the front row for the next shot.

There was free wi-fi so Willie would surf porn sites in between live shot breaks.
San Diego Zoo x Sea World
LegoLand x Mariachi x Hula Dancers
San Diego CW 6 x MindzAlike
Rueben asked me if i've ever seen a Mexican in a wet suit?  That's a pretty random question.
Rueben totally ate it and here is where he ended up.
Thanks for having us Rueben.  We got our 15 minutes of fame, plus a lot of networking.

If you didn't get a chance to catch it live, MindzAlike got hella exposure and shout-outs from Rueben on air.  Once my bro gets the show tape and cuts out all the news crap, i'll re-up on this post with some vids so you can see us act a fool on tv.  WE MADE IT MOM! WE'RE FAMOUS!

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FredErick said...

yo edric. good stuff you got here. i will agree with you that hot chicks love big cameras. hahahahaha.