Monday, September 1, 2008

My Day of Birth

On the actual day of my 28th birthday I wanted to have a simple dinner with good people.  So what better place than my most favorite and best pizza joint in the world, ROUND TABLE PIZZA.  Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their busy lives to come out and celebrate with me.  I love you guys.  

It didn't seem like too many people were gonna make it out, it was Tuesday so I know lots of my peeps had work or other obligations.  At first there was only 10 of us, and we ordered five extra large pizzas!  Christine printed out a bunch of coupons so each couple bought a pizza.  Thankfully and few more peeps came out and helped us finish off the pizza.  It was deee-li-cious.

Birthday cake....more like birthday cheesecake!  The best dessert ever invented.

The aftermath.
Thanks everyone, ya'll are the best!  (insert Chris Casora somewhere in this pic because he was outside smoking or talking to his girl or something).

The Butla Squad

Big Mike looks like his plotting to kill Chris. haha
Chris' facial expression speaks for us all after eating 5 XL pizzas.

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