Monday, August 11, 2008

Dolly Vita

After Marites & Dexter's wedding, Christine and I headed over to Cher's pad to celebrate her birthday as well as catch Dolly Vita's debut performance.  Dolly Vita is an all girl band that consists of Cher on bass, Caren on drums, and Trisha on guitar.  The performance was awesome and consisted of some cover songs as well as original Dolly Vita songs.  

Bazooka Joe and I provided some tunes before and in between Dolly Vita's sets.
Here's the birthday girl, Cher, jammin on the bass and her sister Caren layin down the beats on the drums.

Massive amounts of beer and liquor is a must for backyard boogies.  Surprisingly the cops never showed up that night and we partied till 2 AM.  I guess Cher has some really cool neighbors. 

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