Saturday, August 2, 2008

Comic-Con 2008 (Sunday July 27th, 2008)

I don't normally attend Comic-Con because it's not really my thang, but this year Christine's co-worker let us use her passes for Sunday because her and her son weren't going on that day.  It was actually quite entertaining, although I could've done without the masses of geeks.  It was friggin' CROWDED.  
Remember this burger joint?  Corner of H and Broadway in Chula Vista, if you remember that then you're a true southsider.

My favoritest show in the whole wide world.  So dope, and Sun is SO hot.
I wanted to join but the interview appointments were all booked for the day =(

Asian G.I. Joe's? 

I thought Ken and Ryu would be a lot more muscular?
I forgot who this lady was supposed to be, but keep in mind that little boy.
Klev geeking out.
Ok, so here's that little boy showing up in another one of my pictures.  This is nowhere near that lady in the tight vinyl suit.  I think he was following me.  If you recognize this child, send me his email address so I can get him these pictures....the funny part is that he has the same facial expression in both pictures.  He doesn't seem all that excited.
the effects of carne asada fries on the human body
This creeped me out because it looks so real.
I used to be one of those geeks that played weird card games in high school.  I know what you're thinking, and yes I was super cool.

My favorite 4-fingered, yellow-skinned family.
Ok, so I just have to know, what was the freakin' deal with everyone holding free hugs signs?  is that the way geeks get their loving?  Just wonderin.

Oh, and for all you fobs out there that watch TFC, or if you're parents have it on 24/7, you can catch me on Baliktang America.  They interviewed us at the Con, well actually I didn't do any speaking, and actually you might not recognize me because I was wearing a Batman mask the whole time.  So if you catch it, and you see some retard wearing a paper Batman mask, that's ME!!!

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