Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Mike

Before heading out to Prospect in La Jolla for Big Mike's birthday parlay, I first had dinner at Yokoz (formerly known as Yokozuna's) with Christine.  Although I kinda work for Yokoz owner, Ed, DJ'ing debuts, weddings, and what have you for his sound company, I have to be honest and say that Yokoz has kinda gone downhill.  I used to love going there.  The food was good, even though it is quite pricey and the service sucked.  But now, the service still sucks, the food isn't that great, and they're hella scrimpin on the portions.

After a disappointing dinner, Christine dropped me off downtown so I can meet up with Klev, Judy, Ben, and Judith at the Bareback Bar.  It's a new aussie themed restaurant/bar that serves a lot of organic food choices.  I liked the openness of the place. 

I didn't get to try their food because I arrived after they had finished their dinner.  I do plan on going back to give the organic-ness a taste, but I did get to partake in dessert.  This is an "E Legal".  Pretty much similar to a pizookie at BJ's.

After Bareback, Klev, Judy, Judes, and myself headed over to Prospect.  Klev got harassed as usual for wearing baggy clothes and had to tuck in his t-shirt.  Get new clothes already skinny guy!  In his defense, it didn't look bad, the owner of Prospect was being a stupid fuckin dick.  He seems like the type that was a loser rich white boy growing up, and now he's trying to act cool and abuse the little power that he has.  Anyways, since we got there early, we decided to walk around La Jolla to find a cheaper place to drink.  We ended up at the "Living Room".  A little coffee shop/pastry shop/smoothie bar/bar/hookah place.  They have a broad spectrum of services. 

Here's my Black Label on the rocks, and Klev's red bull vodka.  It was a little cheaper than Prospect, but nonetheless expensive.  I guess cheap drinks in La Jolla is non-existent.

Julz getting down on the 1's and 2's.
Some of the MindzAlike peeps came out.  I've never seen Jhet that drunk, and it was fun to see him dancing with all the zebras.  Vince had a good time dancing too.  Mark went up after Julz and just ripped it playin all kinds of sexy music.
My dancing partner for the night.  Thanks for the good time Judes.

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