Monday, August 18, 2008

Use the term "BBQ" instead of "Picnic"

Last week Christine's brother was telling us how the term "picnic" came about.  I guess the word "picnic" was coined back in the days when slavery was legal, so it has a racial history.  You can look it up to get the whole story, because I'd rather not repeat it.  Anyways, Sunday MindzAlike and Chipset threw another summer BBQ.  It was a fun day filled with food, bocce ball, flag football, basketball, and bike riding.

Mr. Jhet Lag, should've been at the AFC running the marathon, but those dumbasses had to mess up his registration.  Oh well, at least he was able to party with us on Saturday, and eat junk on Sunday.
errolstine reading one of the the top 10 most thought provoking books.
julz trying to mount my bike.
manager jay.
R-dubs english bulldog.  He's very photogenic, he even smiled for the camera.

I played the first half of flag football.  But I decided to sit the second half out to take some pics, and for another reason that i'll mention later.

The other reason why I sat out for the second half was because of J.P.  This guy was a monster and was just beating my ass as I tried to block him from getting our quarterback.  He's been playing football for years, plus he was hella strong.  Here's what happened to Julz after his encounter with J.P.

Julz's touchdown run.  
Good job, way to represent for MA.  I didn't get a pic of the unsportsmanlike conduct as he ran into the endzone because I was too busy laughing.
mmm, brats with honey chipotle sweet baby rays.

Willie wishes it was my cock in that bun.
Judy spent her day doing "crosswords".  It's WORDSEARCH Klev!!
Princess Isabella
Craig's secret to his success, they're not toe socks, they're "performance socks".  They must be good because Craig tears it up on the field, plus Michael Vick is on the package they come in. 

Peepin out Mark Marcelo's bike collection.
Here's the beast, J.P.  Thanks for beating my ass on sunday.  For the life of me, I could not contain this guy.  I tried, Lord knows I tried.  And I have the torn shoulder, sprained pinky, and sore back and legs to prove it.

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bigwilliestyle said...

"Willie wishes it was my cock in that bun." Shiiit, you know it!