Monday, August 4, 2008

Boats n Hoes

Yesterday was quite productive for a Sunday.  Normally I do diddly squat on Sundays when it's not football season (thank God it's finally that time of year), but  I got some cleaning done in my room, then me and Christine were either gonna hit the beach or go to the movies.  Neither of us wanted to drive all the way out to La Jolla, so we settled for Step Brothers at the Otay AMC.  This movie is HILARIOUS!  If you think lines like:

"Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus" 
 "It feels like a lightning bolt just struck the tip of my penis" 
"What if I shave a nice V starting at my chest puebs and down to my ball fro" 

then you have to watch this movie.  There's sooo many funny, random lines.
Sunday I also did a little shopping and grabbed a couple accessories for my toys.  I picked up a headlight, taillight, and computer for my bike and also a circular polarizer filter for my camera.
Then after a quick 30 minute nap we headed over to BJ's for Veronica's berfday party.
mmmm, the BJ's favorite pizza.  The edROC x Christang pie is a little better, although if we can make it a deep dish like the BJ's favorite we'd probably put BJ's out of business.  Ha, probably not.

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