Friday, April 17, 2009

Pau Hana @ HOB

Wednesday the BFF, Matt, invited me to go watch Pau Hana (an Islander/Reggae band) at the House of Blues. Matt's cousin is one of the back-up singers in the group, and she did a dope cover of Estelle's "Come Over" track. It was a super dope chill vibe that night. Check out more music from Pau Hana on their MySpace.

Camera's weren't allowed in, so I had to take some crappy flix with my iPhone.

Afterwards we hit up Hong Kong in Hillcrest. It was my first time going here for a fourth meal, and I was honestly not that impressed. I guess you'd have to go with a lot of people and share because the dishes were kinda expensive. I just grabbed some egg drop soup and vegetable rolls.

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