Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am NOT a Traitor

I like taking pictures of everything, and as many of my fellow SLRer's will attest to, it's not always convenient to lug around a big ass camera all the time. So I've been in the market for a high quality point-n-shoot digital camera for a while now. I wanted a point-n-shoot that could still take quality pictures and at the same time have super cool features. I finally had it narrowed down to the Nikon P6000, or the Canon G10. Those that know me, know that I am a die hard Nikon fan. But when it came down to picking between these two point-n-shoots, the Canon G10 was by far the better choice. I'll give it to Canon, they can make a hell of a point-n-shoot, but Nikon makes a better SLR, hands down. Call me a traitor if you want, I just really wanted quality for the price I was paying. Although, I will look schizophrenic or bi-polar carrying both of these brands around. For those of you looking for a dope point-n-shoot, grab yourself a G10. It's worth every penny.



bigwilliestyle said...

BASTARD! I was going to get this as my ppoint n shoot! Well basically, you are a traitor. That's like me getting Numark turntables.

judy v. said...

oh shut up! hah! soon i will have one, but i don't want to be a copycat-er. (i'm not a follower). but my point and shoot is 298347274927349 years old (more like 4yrs.) so might as well invest in a good point &shoot that will last, right? traitor (who cares?! a camera is a camera.) or not, 143.

ps. yes, i'm a bitch! but who cares.