Monday, October 27, 2008

Take My Picture!!!

Friday DJ Dwin, Julz, and myself DJ'ed at Deco's for FUNdamental.  I brought my camera to finally try out my SB-600 speedlight.  It was an interesting experience....Anyways, this was my bro's first time in a long ass time spinnin', he did pretty good.  Thanks for everyone that came out to support.  You can peep all the pics I took on my Flickr.

I had to get there early to set up my mixer, but I didn't go on till 10:30.  Since nobody was there yet I was super bored and decided to snap a few pictures.

Chris did the opening set.  Not sure what his DJ name is, but he did well for his first time spinnin' at a club.

Julz, Gian, and myself all got the flannel memo.  We were very patriotic about it too, I had red, Julz white, and Gian blue.

DJ Dwin

Peep Allyn's necklace, "Team Barack".  Dope....who's team are you on?

Charles pimpin' it.
I like having go-go's.  
Advertising the halloween party...don't miss out, it's gonna be dope!  Get your pre-sale tickets.

I think Jhett saw that girl again from my birthday party, or was it Kitchie Nadal?

MC x Yogi x edROC x Roscoe Umali
Ok, you know how I said having my camera at the club was an interesting experience?  That's because towards the end of the night as people were exiting I was standing there holding my camera, and weird drunk people kept coming up to me so I can take their picture.  And when they found out I didn't have a card to direct them where to view their picture they got all pissed off.  I almost got beat up by a wannabe Snoop Dogg looking mother fucker because he really wanted a picture for his "antie" (auntie for those that speak english).  People are weird, especially clubbers.  Don't be so concerned about your picture, you're ugly anyways.

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