Monday, October 13, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

After spinnin' at Blends Christine picked me up from downtown and we headed for the stadium to catch the Bolts open a can of whoop ass on the Patriots.  I really wish I could have stayed at blends to partake in the tailgate party catered by Phil's BBQ, but we really had to get going to make kickoff.  The damn parking lot was already full to capacity when we finally reached the gate, so we drove around a little bit and ended up parking up the hill from the stadium and walking.  It was really not that bad of a walk, we might consider doing that more often to save on the $25 parking fee.  By the time we hit E3 to catch up with the Tailgate Whores, they were already cleaning up, so they had no food.  We hadn't eaten all day, so we settled for a hot dog and nachos in the stadium.

Fred doing his Akuma impersonation.

Big Willie's DJ portfolio picture.
Descent lead in the 1st quarter.
The hottest dance team in the NFL, "Your Charger Girls"
This season ticket holder sits a couple rows in front of me.  He has funny hand gestures throughout the game and can clap his hands at over 100 mph.  Christine and I are always entertained by him during the games.  We even copy his gestures.  
Fuck a hurt toe, LT broke for a few big gains.
If you look closely, you can see the top of John Madden's head.

Vincent Jackson tearing shit up.

I don't hate the Patriots so much as I hate damn Boston fans.  They are the most arrogant, irritating bunch of assholes.  I like seeing them like this instead.
Who is this guy?  He was wearing a "Dog House Records" leather jacket, and had a blingy ass chain.  He took some pictures with fans, so I'm assuming he's someone famous.  Sorry, i'm not up on my gangsta rap.

After the party it's the after party.
How many guys does it take to start a grill?  4 in our tailgate.
This was our generator before some drunk guy got a hold of it.  It didn't work to well, so we planned on buying a new, better one.  Good job Klev.  We could have sold this generator for at least $30-$50 to someone who knows how to fix it and put that money towards the new generator.

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