Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Minute

So Friday night started off with pretty much nothing to do.  I had no plans, so Christine, Klev, Judy, and I decided to go get some Thai food.  Just as were walking up to Amarin in Hillcrest, I get a call from Julz and he asks me to cover him at Onyx because he was still in LA.  I agreed to help a brother out, only thing was I had to be there by 9:30pm, and Julz called me at 8pm.  Thanks for the short notice Julz.  I still had to drive all the way home to get all my shit (I should just start bringing it everywhere with me), but I also felt bad that I Judy and Klev drove all the way up to eat with us, so I didn't wanna just cut without eating dinner.  So we went to Thai Grill, where there was no wait.  Then I raced home, grabbed my shit, took a shit, and raced back downtown.  Luckily I was able to get the music going by 10pm as scheduled.  

Since there was really nobody downstairs yet at 10pm, Mark, Ryan, and I were kinda just messing around till the crowd came.  It looks like a nice set up, and I was digging the custom booth, but the equipment was not up to par.  The 57 had no knobs, and the buttons were hard to push.  The tables pitch controls were off, and at one point wouldn't read the control vinyl.  Plus when Virus and I tried to switch out, all the vinyl we tried was really, really low.  Even with all the volumes turned up to the max.
Son of Ran rocked the crowd with a dope performance.
C-Lo (Broken Dreams) x Reggie
Julz finally made it!
edROC x Justine

Pretty fun night, saw a lot of people that I haven't seen in awhile.  Only downside, I forgot my damn needles there.  I didn't even try to go back and get them, I figured they would be gone.  FUCK!  Good thing they weren't my Q-Berts, but it was still a pair of M44-7's, worth at least $100 =(


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