Monday, October 6, 2008

LT finally broke 100 yards

I, as well as other Charger fans, are pretty used to the Bolts starting the season slow.  That's what happens when none of the starters play in the pre-season.  But watching the Raiders dominate us the first half of the game was pretty frustrating.  Whatever, we still won.  And for you Raider fans that like to bring up history, how bout this for a historical fact.  For the past 5 years ya'll haven't beat us.  If you do the math (which I know you Raider fans don't know how to do since you didn't graduate high school, haha just kidding.  I love you Anthony and Mark) that would equal 10 wins.  I'm pretty much sick of hearing historical stats though.  What matters is the present.  Your team's history isn't gonna give you W's, or even another ring.  Why don't we focus on now.  And I'll be the first to admit that the Raiders are looking better this year, and our Defense is garbage.  Damn injuries.

But I digress.  We had a lil BBQ during the game.  Good times, even my bro's dog, Roxy, was representin. 
Klev, MindzAlike's pro griller, doing what he does best.
My Margarator hasn't seen much action due to the lack of BBQ's.  But it sure did give us all a good buzz.
The affect that the salsa Klev brought.  Pretty hot shit, just look at Chris' head.
Had the equipment set-up for a little sessioning....ColCol getting his practice on.
Beat this meat.

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