Monday, October 6, 2008

Froud Filipino

This past weekend I hit up the Fil-Am Festival to spin at the Victory Entertainment booth and on the main stage with my MindzAlike brothers.  I never got a chance to spin at the Victory booth because there were too many DJ's in the different booths and they kept having us turn off our music.  Bad planning on the Fil-Am staff if you ask me.  Anyways, it was a good time with a huge turn out.
Akrite getting down in the Victory booth.
speshulED x Bazooka Joe
I really think we should consider changing our name to BaklazAlike.
RDub had my cam most of the day.  So lots of photo credit goes to this guy.
What they heck were they looking at?
New MA tees.  Hit me up if you want one.
I never got mistaken for a Latino, but I do get Samoan a lot.
Bernie and the rest of Monday's Alibi during their podcast interview.
Cyn working hard.  I can't believe she's got to the fest at 2am and slept in her car.
There was a bunch of MASSIVE pitbulls.  I dunno if they were a crew or a company, but the owners were wearing tee's that said Atomic Pits.  Crazy big, I'd shit my pants if I saw one coming at me.
This guy celebrates halloween 365 days a year.
I waited in line for food from the Chamorro Grill for 30 mins.  It was good, but the only reason why I waited was because there was nothing else that looked appetizing to me.
Dope ass Skyway TA.
Big Willie joined the "tourist" crew.
MindzAlike doing it big on stage.
Klev Kuts.

Willie Santos skate demo.

I guess the Joker is Filipino.
Bernie rockin' out with his band, Monday's Alibi.  I known this cat for a long time, he's a fellow Aztec/band geek.  Monday's Alibi was the 2008 Battle of the Bands champ, and played and the Vans '08 Warped Tour.  Congrats on your success Bernie.

Hula of AJ's Playhouse...."Holla at your Pinoy"

Don't ever hire these sound guys, I think their company was called "Akroz".  Horrible, unprofessional, and fucked up a lot.  Look at him, he should be paying attention to the band playing.  Instead he's stuffing his face.

Who would bring a pig to a Filipino gathering.  I'm sure a lot of mouths were watering as this guy walked by.  Mmmmm, Lechon, Tocino, Adobo, Sisig, Krispy Pata, etc.

Hey Akrite, nice cock.
The famous Mark Marcelo with the beautiful Isabella

RDub's little bro hitting the skate park.

Froud mama, Des.
Awww, Kodak moment.
TK of the Wild Boyz
Towards the end of the day the crowd at the main stage became massive.
Phat Trick, Bambu's DJ.  Peep the MA banner and tee on the stage, we gettin mad advertisement.

DJ Rage (along with Impakt) working the MA tables too.
IDK, the "Best at the Fest" Dance Competition winners.

Screaming kids wanting free shit.  All that screaming kind of gave us a glimpse of what the Jonas Bros feels like. haha
The MC/Host for the day, Virgil.
Everybody wants free shit.  We even gave out a couple MA tees.

Ashley Robles.  Her answer to Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent" is freaking dope.  Peep her myspace and give it a listen.
Uh-oh Big Willie Style, there's a new Willie DJ! haha
edROC x Willie Santos

The view from the booth.  MA doin it big
Jhet was in awe and mesmerized by Filipino celeb Kitchie Nadal.
Kitchie Nadal.  She was pretty good, too bad I didn't understand what she was saying.
I think he's in love.
Julz getting booed.  But he made up for it by ending it with Simple's "Asian Girl".  Brought back memories for everyone there.  Next year, they need a Simple reunion.
The aftermath.  Good thing it didn't rain too much.
Good job Cyn.  Hard work pays off.
Jenny and Michelle, our remaining groupies. haha
Long day, finally over.

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Dude, I have a big-ass crush on Kitchie Nadal!