Monday, October 6, 2008

Almost Islanders

Before heading out to Joann's Dirty Thirty birthday party at Riley's, we went to go check out Hawaiian style band Almost Islanders.  Christine's cousin, Andrew, plays drums in the band, and a couple of my peeps, Christian and Joey, are also band members who play bass and sax.  I haven't seen Yokoz this packed in a while.  Most of the patronage that night were only there to see the band.  I guess they're Yokoz, formerly Yokozuna's (what's the deal with the name change?) is starting to include entertainment since nobody really goes to this joint anymore.  Maybe if they didn't charge an arm and a leg people would go here.  Actually, if they made good tasting food and stop scrimping on the portions people wouldn't mind paying the higher than average prices.

Almost Islanders
Jhet was hungry.  This guy could eat.  
Chicken Kelaguin.  Used to be much better.  
The "Big Daddy's Bomb Roll".  This thing used to be a meal in itself.  Now it's a mediocre roll with the same expensive price tag.
Spam Musubi.  Nice presentation, but pretty damn expensive for 2 pieces of spam and rice.

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