Monday, October 13, 2008

1 World

On Sunday Julz and myself DJ'ed at Blends for the LT Air Force 1 release and tailgate party.  Only 100 pairs were released.  Blends had 50 pairs, and that wack place called the Attic had the other 50.  21 pairs were signed by the man himself (LT), and 1 pair had tickets to the game going down that night against the Patriots.  The people at the front of the line lined up at about 5pm the day before.

Here they are, powder blue and white colorway, croc skin, the #21 on the back and LT's symbol.
Julz's lucky ass got a free pair to model while spinning.  Bastard also got a free pair of dunks and a Nike jacket.

Des got in line at 2am after hitting the casino.  Here she is taking a break from standing in line and learning how to use my SLR.  Thanks for taking pics for me while I spun.  She was one of the lucky ones to get a signed pair of kicks.

New MindzAlike stickers, be on the look out for them on a wall near you.

Time to take down all the other kicks and set up the shop with the sealed AF1 boxes.

Ready to sell.

Annabelle of Bumsville.

I hope I don't find my "likeness" on some porno site
Thanks for having us Edwin.

The line grew longer as 2pm drew near.
I'd only want them if they were signed like this guys kicks.
The first guy to get a signed pair.

Christine's cousin Brian got in line early in the morning.  He was the lucky winner of the signed pair and tickets to the game.

Not only did Brian have tickets to the game, he also got car serviced to the game and access to the Lightning Pavilion featuring free food and drinks during the game.  LUCKY

Julz getting filmed by Nike.
Col Squared modeling his Stronghold tee.

Joe and Jay's rap album cover.
Julz with the stromboli stash

The guy in the UNDFTD sweater is Jupiter, photographer for Nike.
Each box was sealed by Nike with these LT stickers to ensure the randomness.
4 pairs left, all the effort setting up the shop to look cool lasted only 30 minutes.
edROC x Stromboli 

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I stole some of your photos... I hope you don't mind! Thanks bro!