Monday, October 6, 2008

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

After Fil-Am, I went home, took a quick shower, then headed out to spin at Ramon and Mari's Bachelor/Bachelorette party with Big Willie Style.  

The happy bride and groom to be, Mari and Ramon.  It was a Pimp n' Hoes themed party.  (Photo Credit:  Paparazzi Fred *Next 2 pics*)

Paparazzi Fred, better known as Party Boy Fred. (Photo Credit: Big Willie Style *Next 4 pics*)
You get the finger. 
Men + Kegs = Gay Tendencies.
Everyone wants to be a DJ.
After my set I had to dip out to go to the W for Linda's berfday.  I really wish I could have stayed because looking at the pics it looked like I missed out on a good time.  Although it was fun going to the W and catching up with good people.  Congrats again Ramon and Mari.


marilee said...

Thank you so much for playing some killer tunes!

We'll for sure have another party so keep your calendar clear =P

the dirtiest player in the game said...

Thanks again Edric! We owe you guys big time.....too bad i didnt know you guys did weddings too.

You can DJ my next wedding. JK!!!!
But i will refer you guys to some of our friends who ARE in the process of planning for their wedding.