Monday, October 6, 2008

Championship Stolen

To finish off my busy ass weekend we hit up the Rock Band Live tour at the Sports Arena.  One of the perks my bro gets from the CW is free tickets to all kinds of shit.  This tour being one of them.  
Of course being sponsored by Rock Band, there was going to be Rock Band 2 demos.
Peep out the GIGANTIC 70" plasmas that we got to play on.
Meet our band, Snow White and the 3 Dorks.
This is Snow White, aka Mary.  Each band needed 4 members in order to compete, so my bro recruited her because she was a monster on the drums.  Winner of the competition would get a chance to play on the main concert stage during intermission.
After a couple practice rounds we competed.  The song wasn't even done yet and our competition score was already well over the first place team.
Final Score.  I was kinda suckin on bass.  I'm the only one that didn't hit 90% =(
That's right son, FIRST PLACE!!!  You would think we got to play on the stage right.  But the bitch that was announcing the winner picked the "Pro Bots" even though we beat their score by 100,000 points!  What a jip!  She picked them because she said we supposedly weren't paying attention while she was announcing the winners, but the Pro Bots were.  What the fuck!?!?  It was LOUD, we were at a concert for Christ's sake!  We couldn't hear her skinny bitch ass.  After we gave her and her boss an ear-full, she tried to say we didn't have enough stage presence and that the final decision is based on their discretion.  Bullshit if you ask me.  I say it's because we weren't white (although one of us was).  Whatever.  We won fair and square, and when the Pro Bots hit the stage, they sucked balls and would've failed if they didn't have the game on "No Fail Mode".
The REAL champs.
After missing half the show because we were competing, we sat down just as Dashboard Confessional came on.  Pretty much the only band I wanted to see in the line-up.

Panic at the Disco ended the show.  I don't know what's so great about them.  Sound like all the other emo pop punk bands.

Not so great turn out.  Probably why they were giving tickets away for free.  Dashboard killed it for sure.

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