Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Back by popular demand (well not really)….back due to an overwhelming motivational pep talk from a highly persuading person, I’ve decided to resurrect my lil’ ol’ blog. My last post up on here was about 6 months ago in November, but in actuality, I haven’t really maintained this bad boy consistently with posts containing some sort of thought or substance since early August of 2009. A lot has happened in my year long blogging hiatus. Tried new things, ended new things, my DJ career has soared to new heights taking me places I would’ve never thought imaginable, moved out to North Park with my bro-ham, FINALLY found a new job (props to G.Lover for the hook), grown my network exponentially, made a lot of new acquaintances, grown close to lots of good people whom I am EXTREMELY thankful for, developed a lil’ fam that is practically inseparable, and found happiness where I least expected it. As of today, as I type this, I’m living the good life (minus all the cool expensive materialistic things, but I do gots some toys). Loving my life, loving my peoples, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. So here you go, delve into my life again, and if you take anything away from what I post, I hope it is the peace, love, and happiness that I’ve been experiencing from all the good people I surround myself with. 143

Instead of deleting everything and starting fresh, I decided to leave all the old posts for those of you that are new to my blog and wanna see what shenanigans I got into before, but do check out the new. All of July 2010 consists of select highlights that have gone down within the last month or so. Enjoy.