Monday, September 15, 2008


My bro has been trying to buy my 2G iPhone off me for a while now.  He's been wanting it because his phone is pretty jacked up, and he really wanted to unlock my phone to use with T-Mobile since he is still under contract with them.  I would've sold it to him a long time ago, but I've heard mixed reviews about the 3G and I wasn't completely sure that I wanted it.  So the other day his phone broke, so he offered me $175 for my phone.  I figured what the heck, $25 my bucks for a brand new 3G, sounds good to me.  

I'm pretty happy with my new phone, but I just know in a couple of months Apple is either going to drop the price or come out with an even better iPhone, and knowing me, i'll want it.  Bastards.

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