Monday, September 1, 2008

Endless Summer '08

Saturday after finishing up my BMX, I hit up MC and Joe's annual Endless summer BBQ at Imperial Beach.  I got there pretty late, but there were still lots of people there.  I brought out my bazooka lens that day to test it out.  It takes some bad ass pictures.  Thanks babe, probably the best gift ever!

Finally finished up my bike.  

That bird pooped on Chris' head.

I think Klev has ridden my BMX more than me.  He went up and down Imperial Beach all day.  Good thing a cholo didn't jack him.

Dottie giving kisses.
Meet Dot, Judes lil baby girl.

China Man

Vince got the digital SLR addiction.  Good choice with the Nikon.
Afterwards, a bunch of us hit up a southside hidden treasure, the Oasis Ice Cream Parlor.  Delicious....I remember going here as a kid.  I highly recommend the Rice Ice Cream (it's like horchata), Strawberry and Cream, Watermelon, Coffee, and Cheese ice cream if they have it.  I was disappointed that they didn't have it when we went.

Gobble gobble gobble

This cone was Round #2 for Klev.  

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