Monday, September 8, 2008


Today I finally got out to the stadium for my first Charger game of the season.  Since I missed the home opener last year, I really wanted to go this year.  I almost had to work, but luckily I dodged that bullet.  Since Christine has class on the weekends, I had no one to go with.  No one was available to roll with me, so I sold both of my tickets to my bro and his girlfriend, but I was not about to miss another home opener.  So my bro found me a solo seat in field section 8 on the visitors side.  I was about to go my my seat, by myself, but Dale said that there was always open seats up in his section (view 28).  So I went up there with him, Neil, and Joe.  It was actually quite nice up there, especially with the great breeze.  I never made it down to my field level seat, only because it was HOT as balls, and that seat was smack dead in the sun the whole time.

Of course my dumbass forgot to charge the battery for my camera, so no cool pix this time....I thought we had the game in the bag after Rivers' touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson.  But alas, I'm sure ya'll know how the game ended.  I never heard the stadium get so quite that quickly.  

Later on, after the disappointment, I caught the 2008 MTV VMA's.  To sum it up in one word....ANTI-CLIMATIC.  That was a waste of 3 hours of my life.  Every time I thought something was gonna be dope, it wasn't.  That shit was boring.  I expected MTV, who is known for thinking outside the box and is constantly pushing the envelope to come up with some dope shit for their 25th VMA anniversary.  But instead we got Russell Brand (who?!?!) whose jokes seemed funny at first, but then over did the stupid virgin promise ring Jonas Brother thing.  I think his english emo ass has some creepy fascination with those boys.  Speaking of the Jonas Bros., what's the big deal with them?  They looked like fucking Amish kids.  Rhianna needs to stop smoking so her voice won't keep crackin' as she sings, Lil Wayne needs to pull up his fuckin pants, T-Pain's elephant entrance was stupid, why was Sway in a helicopter?, what song was Christina Aguilera singing?, T.I.'s performance was boring, I think I saw Pink's boob, and Kanye's performance was fucking wack!  You're a rapper, stop singing.  And what the fuck happened to Britney opening?  Oh wait, she did, good joke MTV.  I think they purposely gave her 3 moonmen to make boost her self esteem.  Let that be a lesson for you kids, go crazy, shave your head, become a hot mess, and you too can be successful VMA winner.  Ok, I'm done ranting.  

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