Monday, September 1, 2008

Yellow Fizzy Beer is for Wussies

During the summer when the zoo is open late, my co-workers have been hitting up Hamilton's Tavern in Southpark every Wednesday night after work.  I normally close on Wednesday's as well, but I would get out a couple of hours earlier than the rest of them, which is why I never joined in on the late night fun.  But since it was the last Wednesday of summer hours at work, I decided to partake in the festivities.  The bar was dope, very much a dive with EXCELLENT beer.   

I'm very into dark beers, I love the coffee flavorness of it.  At Hamilton's they had the Russian Imperial Stout.  My co-worker told me two of those would give me a sufficient buzz.  I thought to myself, two?!?!  Yeah right.  Plus they served it in this funny goblet looking glass.  But to my suprise, he was right.  Those bad boys has a 8% alcohol content.  If you need a comparison, most yellow fizzy beers have 2% alcohol.  At Hamilton's they have the alcohol content written on the menu, they highest one was 16%!!

I loved this place, and I will definitely be frequenting here.  I need to move in this area because all the best spots are there.  Next stop, Tornado Bar again.

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