Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding 3 of 4 for 2008

So I guess I'm at that age where all my friends are getting married.  This year alone I've attended 3 weddings, with another one coming up in November.  Actually, this number should be much higher, but I couldn't attend some of the weddings.  This past weekend I attended Cyrus and Mylene's wedding.  I've known Mylene since high school, and Cyrus is a good friend of Christine's.  Small world.  

Anyways, before hand, some of us hit up Romesco in Bonita for brunch.
Nyemah, John's (DJ Basik) baby.... possibly the happiest baby ever.
How mexicans scramble eggs.

Tacos de Barbacoa
Chike (better known as Charles Michael) doesn't drink, so he was our designated driver for the day because we HAD to take advantage of the open bar during cocktail hour.  You'll see how much we took advantage of it later.  We rode in style cause Chike drove his parents 5 series BMW.  Hella dope car, hopefully I'll be able to buy one when I grow up.
We were hella early, so since the wedding was at St. Charles in southside, we hit up Oasis for some ice cream to kill time.
We brought Chike here a couple weeks ago, but it was Linda's first time to indulge in one of southside's hidden treasures.
St. Charles.  I grew up going to this church.  It looks a lot different

Their entourage
Mr. and Mrs. Balluyot

Forget double fistin', it's all about quadruple fistin'.
Table 15=the alcoholic table.  Look at our table filled with glasses.  There wasn't any room for food.

The lovely ladies of Table 15 (Yuri, Olga, Sandy, Christine, Linda, Andrea)

I got Mike La doing my pose
Me and Sandy... This lucky girl won a 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door w/ 22 inch rims last year from Z90.  It even had a 22 inch spare tire.  DAMNIT, so jealous, cause I spent $32K on mine.


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