Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm in Diego Bettssszzzz

Friday night, the birthday celebration continued.  First me and the fam bam hit up the Red Pearl Kitchen.  Bomb chinese fusion.  I recommend the Thai Chili Glazed Calamari.

After dinner we were off to Deco's for the Friday Night Shakedown.  Big ups to MC and Bazooka Joe who were also celebrating their birthdays there as well.  The 3 of us were all born on August 26th.  Crazy huh? Had to work first when I got there.  It was friggin hot, good thing I was drunk.
Judes x Chris
Efren x Patricia x Veronica x Cherlynn x Chris x Cyrus x Caren
Veronica x Chris
edROC x Kelly x Melissa
Tin x Cyrus x Donnell x Allyn
What happened to my hat?

Caren x Nelly
Where the hell did those beads come from?
Linda x Mike
Errol doing his thang. haha

Michelle, love this girl
Get down Klev go head get down

"It's my muthafuckin' birthday!!!!"   -edROC

Mindz Alike Jager bombs with Zoomy.  Thanks for having us Zoomy

Drunk = Sloppy
Michelle x Cyn
Ian x edROC x Eric

Cyn x edROC x Pauline x John.  
Man, shouldn't this be me on my birthday?  haha.  My secret to not ending up like Errol, keep on dancing.  

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