Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sunday, my good buddy Jay (aka Jay Dread) of 5&A Dime needed help moving. I got there a little late, but was just in time to still help move some heavy things. The whole moving process wasn't too difficult, but the thing that took the longest to move was Jay's vinyl collection. His collection was pretty impressive. It was so HUGE that it took up the whole bed of a Tacoma. CRAZY! I remember my vinyl collection was about 3/4's of Jay's (give or take a few). Damn that bastard that jacked my shit!!! But I digress, Jay's been spinnin' for a long time, his collection was actually bigger. He just kept the ones that he liked. Lots of rare gems in his collection. Like all his original mint condition X-Clan stuff.


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bigwilliestyle said...

X-Clan. Now that's whats up. People these days don't even know who they are.

"Come one. Come all!"