Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MindzAlike Radio

Wednesday night, some of the fellas from the crew got together at Oli-baba's pad to meet about last minute specifics for House of Blues, and to have a lil' session on our MindzAlike online radio station.  Oli has his equipment set up for live online streaming.  Errolonious Monk and Oli layed down some dope music for our 6 listeners.  We even had a lil' scratch sess for our listeners.  I haven't scratched in a long time, I need to get my chops back up.  

Col Squared looking up information on dry ice for HOB.

While some of us played music, the others played Madden.

If you're friends with MindzAlike on Myspace, make sure you keep an eye on the bulletin board to know when we'll be streaming live on MindzAlike Radio. (You'll need iTunes to listen)

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