Monday, November 17, 2008

Anya's Dirty Thrity

Saturday Christine and I attended Anya's 30th Birthday party.  Anya's parents were gracious enough to offer their beautiful house, scratch that, beautiful MANSION to host the party.  It was a fun night that included a scavenger hunt, entertainment, food, drinks, and good company.  You can see all the pictures from Anya's Birthday on my Flickr Photostream.  Every time I drive through La Jolla I always wonder what those huge houses look like behind those gates.  I finally got to satisfy my curiosity.

This was the view from the backyard.  Imagine waking up to this view every morning and ending your day this magnificent sight. "Must be nice" (this was the phrase of the night)

I should have set up a photo booth outside and charged the guests $20 a pop for a picture.  Here's Donnell and Tin.
The living room is so big that it can double as a event center.
The all glass front door.  There were plenty of beautiful glass doors to the house.  The place opens up to the outside elements, and the glass was the cleanest glass i've ever seen.  I almost ran into one door.  I wonder what kind of special windex they use.  Check out how high the ceiling is.
This picture was taken along what used to be a bridge.  4 months ago, there were koi ponds on either side of where this picture was taken.  But Anya's parents opted to take them out because their grand kids kept falling in.
What the entrance to a multi-million dollar home looks like.  I wonder who their celebrity neighbors are.
Party planners with the birthday girl.  From left to right:  Christine, Tin, Cyn, Anya, Bae, Jenny.
Winners of the scavenger hunt.
This was the BIGGEST piece of meat I have ever seen.  Roast beef compliments of Bristol.
The other paparazzi of the night, Bryner rockin the Canon 5D
Joey provided the sexyphone tunes during dinner.

The girls group photo.
Here's the boys group photo =(
DJ Karl Strauss hittin' the tables 1st.
Even Bae got into the paparazzi spirit.
DJ Basik, Anya's man.
HAHA, look at Allyn's face.  Sorry Eastside Rider.
uh oh, red wine spill.  Get the soda water.
The other entertainment.  

Anya with her pseudo-stripper entertainment.  Look at the abs on the guy on the left, or should I say ab.  haha
The newly engaged DJ Flexander.
Our extremely hospitable hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Blue. 
Baby Nyemah can walk now!!!
You know you're balling when you have two pools with one pool in your front yard.  You know you're balling out of control when your second pool in the backyard is the pacific ocean!

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