Monday, November 17, 2008

After Party

After Anya's birthday party Christine, Jenny, Bryner, and I decided to hit up Prospect for Joe and Neil's birthday party, also because we were in the area and Anya's party ended early. 
Bin x Iggy of TAA.
Bryner x Chris x Jenny
J-Time x Col2 x Felli
Uh-oh, is this a new couple???
Happy birthday Neil, keep Neil's female friend in mind.
Happy birthday Joe, hmm, doesn't this girl look familiar?
At the end of the night everyone wanted one more song and the crowd started chanting "one more song!"  But Julz could not do it because the guy that signs our checks said no.  This drunk girl came up insisting he play one more, and when Julz replied that he couldn't, she called him a "lil bitch".  Whoa, calm down there bitch before you get dick slapped.

More pix available on DJ edROC's Photostream.

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