Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Massive @ House of Blues

Halloween Massive lived up to its name....MASSIVE.  Thank you to EVERYONE that came out to support and party with us.  MindzAlike held it down it all three rooms.  Hella props to Virus, Al-Squared, and Flo rippin' shit on the 1's and 2's as well.  I'm not sure if we reached our goal of selling out to a capacity of 1600, but it sure did seem like it.  To see all my pics from the MA photo booth, to the 5&A Dime Dungeon, please click here for my Photostream, or for full coverage of the event please check out the Victory Nightlife website.

Photo credit for the photo booth goes to Bangin' Body Vince aka Michael Phelps aka Col Squared.  
My test shot models to ensure quality.
EnRon x Lea
Judith x Birthday Girl x Cha
Errolonious Monk x Marcel x Daniel
Bangin' Body x ???
Only the real 80's kids actually appreciated my costume.  The only thing I was missing was the throwback chargers tee.  And I thought I would be the only Daniel San Shower, there was actually another one!!!  Exactly like mine too!!!

Girls kept wanting to take pictures in my shower.  I should've been naked. haha.  
I thought these two costumes were funny, Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross.
Palin was the only one missing.  Where's Tina Fey when you need her.
I think this guy won the costume contest for the dudes.
DJ Mark Marcelo totally murdered the main stage.  If you missed his set, you really missed out.  It was off the chains.
Jay the ballerina.
My best friends showing some love straight from Hawaii brah.
Big Mike the King.
My cuzzo's came out to support too.
At least he kept his pants on this time....or did he? haha
What's worse that a Texas Tornado?  TITTY TWISTER!!!
Cha's costume was hilarious.  My Filipino peeps can appreciate it, a bag of Jasmine rice.
Gian as his boss Jay Dread.
BJ Penn.
Joe x Cindy x Feli x Guil
Josie x El Klevo
Virus rocking the mainstage.  I loved the Top Gun intro Mike.

The Birthday Girl
Flo of Univ
Mmmmm Red Velvet cupcakes from Heavenly Cupcakes.
At midnight, when it was Judy's actual birthday she passed out cupcakes from Heavenly Cupcakes, I only got a bite of one =(
Bumsville was in the house.
Jay Dread, mastermind of the Dungeon.
Josh Polamalu
Drunk dancing on the stage.
We had the legends lounge poppin
edROC San.
Birthday Girl x Amy Winehouse x Flapper Girl

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