Monday, December 1, 2008

Massive Pre-Thanksgiving Party @ HOB

Click here to check out all the pictures from HOB Massive Pre-Thanksgiving, also on Victory

The day before Thanksgiving Victory Entertainment threw a MASSIVE pre-party at the House of Blues. Julz, Mark Marcelo, and myself were originally on the bill, but due to lower than expected ticket sales, salvation alley was closed and the three of us gave up our spots. Instead I ran the 5&A Dime x MindzAlike x Victory photo booth. It was definitely a good time as always.

We pre-partied before the pre-party at the 5&A Dime office.

edROC x Col2 runnin' the booth.

MA is in the building.

my other babe.

Michelle is so grown up now. I remember when she was a little girl! I feel so old now.

TK pimpin' it.

Marky, one of my best and oldest friends. I've known this dude for almost 24 years.

The 5&A Dime family was sportin' and modelin' the newest gear from the 5&A Dime line.

New MA fire.

edROC x Yogi

michelle x me x cyn

DJ SpeshulED

double fistin'

DJ Rage

Myron of 21XL

DJ Akrite

one of the homies Myron gettin' into a little, actually BIG squabble.

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