Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Sheep

Tuesday (11/25) I met up with my good friends David and Rowena for dinner to celebrate David's 28th birthday. We went to some new spot called "Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot and Grill". Pretty good stuff. Normally David's birthday is a significant time for my friends, not only because he's a year older, but because we draw names for our secret santa gift exchange and plan out our annual Christmas party. But since half of our friends don't live in SD, and the other half are busy with their careers, we didn't get a chance to continue with our normal traditions. I'm sure we'll still figure something out.

Basically a hot pot is like eating at Forever Fondue. You get a pot that boils in the middle of the table with a choice of soup. We got the house and house spicy soups.
mmm, Kimchi.
While the hot pot is boiling, you stick in the different raw, thinly sliced meats that you order, along with whatever vegetables you order. we got beef and lamb.
The end result is a yummy soup. Just FYI, if you order the house spicy soup, be careful because that mug is HOT!

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